Finding Mentor

“Every day there are choices to be made. Making a choice is like picking up a stick. When you pick up one end of a stick the other end of the stick logically comes along with it. When a choice is made a consequence always comes with it. As I write this I feel as if I am a parent warning my children of an impending punishment for bad behavior. Yet this is has nothing to do with punishments. It is just a fact. That is all.

In life, some people decline picking up a particular “stick” because they cannot see clearly what the other end of the stick looks like. They procrastinate making a choice because they cannot clearly see the consequences. They have fear. Fear is an emotion many of us experience every time it comes to making a change in our lives. We experience it when changing jobs, or quitting a job. We experience it when we face change. We experience it when it comes to investing. And every time, each time, fear is the result of the same thing: the unknown.”

What if you had someone with you who had gone through the changes that you are about to experience? Someone who had already picked up the stick that you are considering picking up, and who knows what the other end is like and is willing to guide you? Would this be a benefit to you? Most definitely! The unknown factors would be greatly diminished.

It seems like this would be common sense, and let’s remember that this is the most effective way for you to achieve what you want. I have trained many people. No one has ever disputed this principle. It is a design that leads to success and most people who lack achievement in life understand this principle yet refuse to follow it. Most successful people follow this proven way. They gain success by being mentored.
It may be a challenge to find such an individual, a great mentor. Yet if you are strategic about this choice it will make all the difference in the world.

To begin this task you must know yourself first. You will have to assess your own needs and purposes and match them to your mentor’s abilities. Honesty is key here and feedback from a trusted friend can be invaluable as you search out your underlying purposes. Clearly defined expectations will also help you to avoid disappointments in the future.

Considering your choice of mentor in a strategic manner will allow you to be able to look at the big picture and recognize patterns in a perspective mentor’s priorities. Finding a mentor who is successful, not just in their business ventures, but in other areas of their life is important. Do they have the kind of lifestyle you would like? Are their finances in order? How much time do they dedicate toward their passions? Do they even have time for their passions?

Do they do what they are advising you to do? Over 95% of mentors in the real estate business are “teachers” but are not successful themselves. They make their money from fees and not necessarily from investing into real estate. Some of them are sitting in a cubicle making $20 dollars per hour but claim they can make you a millionaire.

Consider this: great mentors will encourage you, help you prioritize, teach you, push you to be your best. They may introduce you to their closest associates. Great mentors will have the ability to connect you with key people. Once these things take place, rest assured, your growth and success will happen.

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