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March 12, 2012

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani is ‘The Wealthy Cop’ – a former Canadian policeman who’s made good in real estate investing he has become a wealth-making guru for hundreds of investors who flock to him to help them achieve the same results for themselves. Through the twin, but separate vehicles of Private Investment Club (PIC) and Tulsiani Investments (TI), Sunil has created the perfect setting to help spread his own hard-won knowledge.

Sunil Tulsiani leads wealth-creating advisors with PIC and TI instruments for investors

Sunil Tulsiani is the visionary who founded Tulsiani Investments in April of 2005. Prior to this, Sunil was an Ontario Provincial Police officer for over 16 years and decided to retire in order to become a professional Real Estate Investor. Sunil’s unique approach to building a team, negotiating very lucrative deals, investigating the opportunity and then allowing everyone to participate in exclusive deals at below market value has made him one of the most successful investors in the Toronto area.

A committed citizen who strongly believes in socially responsible policies Sunil sees both PIC and TI as the perfect instruments to help others create the wealth they need. “There can never be any guarantees in any kind of investing,” he says. “The markets are always volatile and you can never predict what will happen from month to month, but through PIC and TI you can, at least, receive the kind of targeted, specific advice necessary to help you make better informed decisions.”

Sunil has a simple rule, treat everyone with respect, take the lead role in any project and invest first, create win-win situation for everyone involved and do what you say.

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