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March 12, 2012

Sunil Tulsiani Investment Vehicles – Private Investor Club (PIC) and TI

Tulsiani Investments (TI) has been able to help many Canadian Real Estate investors make better choices in their real estate investing deals. Featured on many of Canada’s leading business publications Tulsiani Investments and an additional investment vehicle called Private Investor Club (PIC) have been able to help Canadian investors unlock many of the ‘secrets’ of professional advice in real estate investing.
Real estate investing is more an art than a science. With hundreds of factors influencing the markets and investments having the potential risks that all investments suffer from having the ability to draw from the extensive experience of Sunil Tulsiani and his companies is a safety net which many investors new to real estate investing simply do not have.

We set up Tulsiani Investments and Private Investor Club (PIC) in order to give real estate investors the kind of advice I would have very much liked to have had when I started my career as a real estate investor, says Sunil explaining the TI and PIC investment vehicles. “When you invest there are inherent risks involved which are the direct result of the nature of investing. Through TI and PIC we have the ability to offer better quality of advice and risk-assessment. This does not make the nature of real estate investing any less risky but it does allow for better decision making.”

Both TI and PIC have successfully guided hundreds of Canadian investors into closing deals which made them money. “It is our mission to help as many people as possible in their quest for financial independence,” explains Sunil Tulsiani who oversees the activities of both investment companies, “If we become wildly successful and we help many people become wealthy in the process, we will have achieved our goal for social change towards the better and that, to me, is intensely satisfying.”

Sunil believes that wealth-creation is one of the most powerful means there is on changing our world. “Society progresses because it runs on money and the demands it makes,” he says, “the more people there are with more money the greater the standards a civilized society has.”

As a result Sunil Tulsiani‘s ‘secret’ mission is to change a small part of the world. “The more successful we become and the more people we help, the greater the chances that their world will also be better and what they do will positively affect their immediate contacts and communities.”

It’s hard to think that real estate investors can be agents of change but Sunil Tulsiani provides the exception which may well prove the rule.

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